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1814 Napoleon at Bay Campaign

I have recently started a Napoleonic campaign at the local club based on the Boardgame ‘Napoleon at Bay’ covering the 1814 campaign. Rather than use the detailed hex map I changed it to an area based campaign map.

The boardgame rules were ignored and instead the campaign uses a simple area movement system with various speeds for different troop types.

Army lists have been put together from various sources including the game itself and historical OB’s culled from the internet and books. I don’t pretend that they are perfect but its enough to say that the French have their work cut out for them!

Grey area names denote major towns while those with a thick border are fortress towns. Supply sources are indicated at the edges of the map, blue for French and red for Allied. A PDF download of the map is available on the March Attack game page.

The first major battles at Brienne and Chalons will have some battle reports for the blog when I sort through the photos. Because of the size of the armies I used a simplified version of March Attack, ‘Quick march Attack’ for these big battles.