Rank and File PDF




Rank and File are a set of horse and musket rules that cover the period from 1740 through to 1900. The basic game mechanics are designed to be simple and easy to learn with the aim of being able to play large games within a reasonable time frame.

While the game itself is easy to pick up there are extensive optional and advanced rules as well as period specific rules that allow the game to cater for all tastes as well as being flexible enough to cope with lots of game sizes, scales, figure availability and numbers of players. While the basic D6 mechanics make Rank and File a ‘fast play’ system that doesn’t mean that important areas of the rules are glossed over or omitted.

* Army and force break points mean that battles do not end up with 2 units chasing each other about the field.
* Variable commander quality allows you to represent differing abilities of command and charisma.
* Troop quality ranging from Green to Elite.
* March movement allows troops to come into action speedily when committed rather than plodding across the battlefield.
* Unit cohesion means that troops fighting ability and morale decreases before they will finally break.
* Period specific formation, weapon and manoeuvre restrictions.
* Variable game scales allow units to represent anything from battalion to brigade strength.
Figures are based in stands but the rules allow you to play with any basing convention so there is no re-basing necessary.
* Further optional rules that include Elephants, Camels, opportunity and counter charges, messengers, ammunition, shock troops, cavalry breakthrough and many others.

Rank and File provide an easy to learn, flexible system for fighting battles throughout the Horse & Musket period. Use the basic rules for a fast play system or add in the optional and advanced rules for more depth and realism.