Macedonian & Punic Wars Crusader Supplement PDF




The Macedonian and Punic Wars is the first army list book for the Crusader Wargames Rules. You’ll need a copy of these rules to gain the most from this supplement but there is enough useful information (and some very nice photographs) to make this a worthwhile book in its own right.

There are seven major armies listed as well as details for allies and mercenaries that can supplement the forces of any of the major powers. As well as the army lists each nation has information on its history and major campaigns and advice on how to organise your forces and get the most from your troops on the tabletop.

Carthaginian 275 – 146 BC
Gallic 400 – 25 BC
Hellenistic Greek 250 – 50 BC
Macedonian Successor 320 – 146 BC
Numidian 300 – 25 BC
Roman 275 – 105 BC
Spanish 200 – 20 BC